It depends. What is your intention?

For long range attacks, there are a lot of weapons that will be superior to nunchucks, including guns.

But when you are up close and in a hand-to-hand combat type situation, then nunchucks can be superior for a number of reasons.

First, you can attack at any angle and hit your target. With nunchucks, you don’t need to be facing your opponent or even right at them. You can just hit them as long as they are in range. With a gun, you have to actually be in a position where you can shoot and hit your target – including being able to point at that target. You can even attack from odd angles, such as from your side, or under and through your legs. Imagine the reaction from your opponent if nunchucks came at them from between your legs!

Second, you don’t need any bullets. You can keep striking with nunchucks over and over again. If your gun doesn’t have any bullets, or you run out, then what? You could use it to throw at someone or pistol whip them, but that’s about it. Not much strategy involved there – mostly luck at that point. From there, all your opponent has is their hands as you can go at them completely unchecked with your nunchucks.

Finally, you don’t need to be as skilled to be successful. Guns generally require some skill and experience to use, especially at a distance. If you are in a hand-to-hand situation, it’s pretty easy to use nunchucks. Yes, there is some skill with nunchucks, but you can generally come out of the gate flying if you have to in a tough situation.

As a result, there are some definite positive reasons to use nunchucks instead of a gun for self-defense. Yes, there are downsides, but if you are up close in a hand-to-hand battle type situation, then you can’t really go wrong with using nunchucks. Best of luck in your battles and endeavors!