Twinpack foam nunchucks/nunchackus

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This is a twin pack of foam nunchucks / nunchakus to be used in lessons or for personal training. We have several colors to choose from. Increase your flexibility, coordination and agility with regular use. The twin pack allows use for each hand, which adds a higher degree of skill. Each nunchuck has a steel chain which adds to durability and stability. Perfect for beginners!

Nunchucks are generally the most used weapon in martial arts. It’s primary purpose is for training, as faster hand movements and better posture is a key development. Toy versions are made from foam or plastic, while regular versions are made from plastic, wood, metal or fiberglass.

Development of nunchucks is unknown, but it is thought that it was originally a tool used to thresh rice in Okinawa. As a historical weapon, it was not very popular, as naginata and samurai swords were far more effective in their use.

However, Bruce Lee popularized the usage of nunchucks, particularly with usage in Fist of Fury (released in 1972). In addition, in the 1980s and 1990s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character Michelangelo used them and helped continue to drive the popularity of them.

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Black, Dark Blue, Red


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