A question that is often asked when it comes to participating in outdoor activities when the weather is warm is: do mosquito bug repellent bracelets actually work?


Yes. Mosquito repellent bracelets do work at keeping mosquito away from you.

They work best, however, when many of them are used. Using one on one wrist will work, but it’s better to use one on each wrist ankle and one on each ankle. In addition, using one or more in a mesh pocket will help cover your torso much better than not having one there.

The bracelets sold by Bellview Goods are plant based and provide excellent mosquito protection. They are deet free and will last for up to 15 days of continued use, but usage in water will limit the long-term effectiveness of the bracelets.

Utilizing insect repellent will also help, but it can leave a chemical feel on your skin and lead to possible eye, nose and throat irritation.

Repellent bands get around this problem by not having any chemicals fly through the air. Nature mosquitoes will basically leave you alone as a result of using the bands.

There are all natural ingredients located within the Bellview Goods mosquito repellent bracelets. All natural oils as well as essential oils are used in making sure mosquitoes stay away from you, your friends and your family.

So let’s look a bit more into what makes our bracelets so good.

First, the ease of use makes it so easy for everyone to use. Anyone can use them as they are small, compact and it is easy to take them on and off of you.

The bands are stretchy and can fit over your hands or your feet so that they can go on your wrist or ankle. If you have long hair, you can also use them as a hairband to tie back your hair so that you can provide additional protection to your head and shoulder area.

Second, all of the ingredients are non-toxic. You won’t find anything in the bracelets that have any horrible toxins such as deet or anything that borders as being a pesticide. Simple, honest and clean oils are all that we use in our bands. Nothing that is harmful or will be an irritant to your skin.

In addition, you should not be putting the bands into your mouth for any reason, or putting them in or near your eyes or nose. But that being said, you should not expect any type of skin irritation by using the bands.

Using at least four or five bands is optimal for best results. Feel free to use up to 10 bands for maximum results. The radius of efficiency is only a couple of feet, so you want to make sure you have one on each ankle and one on each wrist. Use a fifth band as a hair tie if you have long hair, or add one to a necklace to help protect your head and torso.

In addition, putting one or two in a mesh pocket or attaching them to a backpack or other bag that you may be carrying will do nothing but increase the effectiveness.

If you are sitting around a campfire, or just relaxing outdoors, placing one or two on a table and near or next to a light will also help ward off mosquitoes, bugs and insects. After all, they are attracted to light, which will draw them near, but the Bellview Goods mosquito bug repellent bracelets will ward them away from the lights.

To summarize, when it’s warm out, you want to use our mosquito repellent bracelets for all of your outdoor activities. Keeping the bugs at bay will make all of your experiences better and will ensure a better environment for everyone who is involved.